Silent moments

Empty space attracts good things but silences doesn´t always attract a smile or confident glances. Where some silences are born is where some relationships die.

The best way to understand the temperature of a relationship is to measure the silences. Are your eyes warm in the silences or are your eyes avoiding crossing the path of the others? Are your silences with warm glances or avoiding eye contact? Are your silences holding cold hands or feeling each other skin? Are your silences making you think too much or are they inviting you to love?

You know when your relationship is not working anymore, you’re realizing that something has happened, the moments without noise are opening your eyes. You are aware that everything has to finish because the silences have become somewhat uncomfortable and at least one of you feel that you need to try and break the silence, because you are not able to look at each other when this happens, because one of you is uncomfortable and the other is sad and uncomfortable.

The silences that you don´t like are those that make you remember the ones that you did enjoy or perhaps silences with someone else, these silences make you doubt. Do you remember when you communicated without saying any words? Do you remember the silences that arose spontaneously from a hug and were removed with the sound of a kiss?

Everyone experiences bad silences which could come after a fight. These silences are less bad than ones which come from indifference. A bad silence could turn into one of those moments that nobody talks but you both feel, the complicated thing is that any noise sounds more comfortable than say nothing.

If you are not able to make silence happen in a comfortable way, if you don´t enjoy them; soon you will stop making any noise and your conversation will disappear, eventually there will be long hours without any reason to talk.

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